VII Cursa DiR

Last year, James and I were going to participate in the 5k/10k in Bournemouth (he wanted to do 10k, I said no way in hell, I might pull a 5k!). When we came to Barcelona, one of our mutual goals was to be more healthy and I saw the posters on the subway about this run and thought well, this could be a good motivator!

I downloaded the Nike Running Club app and started to follow the training! I was so excited! And as it usually happens, it didn’t last long. After a month I stopped following the great plan proposed by the app (which I still totally recommend if you are going serious about training for a run!).

I kind of started following my own plan and thought to myself “Of course I can do this! People do it all the time! If I can walk 5k in less than 45min I totally con run it!”

I was right! I did it in less that 45 min, 36:59 to be more precise! I am so so proud of myself!

Being serious now, if you want to do a proper 5k, good time and all, I would recommend the Nike Running Club app and getting a great pair of running shoes. I went to a running specialist store in Camden, London and they performed a gait analysis and recommended the best shoes for me (I have high arch). The brand name is Saucony and they are really really cool! Perfect fit!

Besides that, start preparing at least 12 weeks before the run (at least it’s what the app recommends) and make sure you drink plenty of water all the time. Keeping hydrate is the most important thing!

Lastly, get a great playlist for your run, in my case I use “Running to Pop Hits” on Apple Music and created challenges for myself while running, I would think “let’s run a full song and you can rest after that” then the next song had a perfect pace and I would think “oh this one is worth it, let’s keep running” and that is how I got to the final line without fainting!


Best of luck and be proud of yourself if you are doing a 5k and if you go for a 10k you are crazy and deserve more than admiration!

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