How I became pregnant

Let’s face it, the pill is the most famous and used contraception method for women around the world. It creates a sense of control over your sexuality and fertility without leaving it all on the hands of “the guy” but it brings so many side effects!

I tried a lot of different brands. The first one went good for a couple of months until I started gaining a lot of weight. The second one caused me migraines, which unfortunately never stopped after that! The third one made me depressed, uninterested in sex which is the whole point why you take them in the first place, right? Fourth one was going on marvelous and then I went to the GP in London and mentioned that my mom had a TIA (transient cerebral ischemia) and she said I should change pills because this brand was known for causing cloths. So I did and after a couple of weeks of using the new brand I felt as depressed as I have never felt in my life! And that was it! I was putting an end to it! No more artificial hormones for me!

I was on a very stable relationship so I felt okay on leaving it all on his hands for a while, until we broke up! I needed to take matters in my hands again!

Natural Cycles App

I’m not the one to be sleeping around so it was only when things got serious with James, that I decided to try a new method: Natural Cycles app, the only FDA cleared birth control app currently in the market. I used it as a contraception method for more than 3 years and on our first month using it as pregnancy aide it worked at the first try.

I have a tilted uterus, as 1 in 5 other women in the world, and according to my mom that was going to make things complicated for getting pregnant since it happened to her. Well, I guess she was not using the correct tools.

As I said before, I am very organised and never had a missed pill so I knew I would be able to use the app correctly from the beginning. This is a very important point, you have to make sure you take your temperature before you get out of bed but as soon as you wake up. I like to stay in bed after the alarm so I would leave the thermometer next to my phone, take the temperature as soon as I hear the alarm and recorded it. Even on nights that I went to bed late or had a couple more drinks that expected, I always recorded the value. This way you get used to it amazingly quickly and for me it was even natural.

When you are travelling to a different time zone, probably one that is more than 4 hours difference (my mom lives in California which is 9 hours), you need to make sure to keep recording at whatever your new wakeup time is and use extra protection the first two days in your new destination as the body takes this period to get use to the new change.

I learned so much about my body ever since I started using this app, for example, my body temperature pre ovulation is pretty low, around 35.8C which means that having a fever for me is around 37C when normally is after 37.5C. I found it extremely useful information.

We are pregnant!

When using this app for getting pregnant, the use is the same, record as soon as you wake up and look for those red days with more excitement as before. I knew I was pregnant before I took a test because of the app as well. There was a dip in my temperature around a week after ovulation and I knew that was it. I took the test and there it was!

I would totally recommend this app if you are an organise person, almost never forgot a pill and have a set routine for waking up.

If you want, you can use my referral code to get 20% discount on the Annual Subscription and a free thermometer.

I bought in Amazon a second thermometer which I take with me on trips, just in case I misplaced at any point, I still have mine at home!

Whichever method you use, please protect yourself! Remember that there is no method 100% secure and the only one that will protect you from STDs is the condom, either masculine or feminine. Happy Sex!

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