We are not prepare for this!

Every day it surprises me how great each country can be on supporting new parents. Some offer a payment to help out with your new bundle, some gives you vouchers and discounts on a bunch of products you might need and then you have the Finland government which gives expectant or adoptive parents a box full of baby things!

The package contains children’s clothes and other necessary items, such as nappies, bedding, cloth, gauze towels and child-care products. It was first issued in 1938 to parents with a low income, and contained a blanket, crib sheets, diapers, and fabric which parents could use to make clothing for the baby. Since 1949 it has been given to all mothers-to-be, provided they visited a doctor or municipal pre-natal clinic before the end of their fourth month of pregnancy, and the pregnancy has lasted at least 154 days. The contents of the package are updated approximately every year. A mother may choose to take the maternity package, or a cash grant of 170 euros, but 95% of Finnish mothers choose the box because it’s worth significantly more.

From Wikipedia: Maternity Package

In 2013, BBC did an article about it and ever since, it has become so popular that you can now buy it online on https://www.finnishbabybox.com/. There are two designs, Classic and Mooming and depending on where you live and the month the baby is due the clothes are apt for all weather.

We love all the designs and the quality is great! It even brought a towel and a bib for when the baby starts solid food!

Note: Isabela is now 16 weeks and she might outgrow the box in the next week or two!

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