We moved down to Salisbury

According to government figures, Newham has the highest numbers in London on Covid-19 and I was getting a bit anxious just by thinking this baby could come early and we will be in lockdown, in this area, by ourselves, instead of in the beautiful countryside we were so excited to be the first months of our little one!

At the beginning of May, lockdown rules were relaxed a bit to allow people to move to a family member house if health issues required it. I was 30 weeks pregnant, first time and with a family history of preeclampsia so I was not risking it, we were moving!

My biggest concern once we got here was pregnancy care. Newham Hospital was good, the midwife team was amazing and very diligent. Every scan we had was with a machine that came out directly from a Star Trek movie and we had prompt information every time around how my pregnancy was going. After week 16, I was changed to my local Midwife led centre, just 10 min walking from the house. They were also really nice! Even during lockdown time, they were always warm, friendly and open to answer any questions you might have.

I also have a history of anaemia and hypothyroidism, so I had a blood test around week 28 to make sure everything was fine. It was not, unfortunately. So before I left London, the midwife prescribed me iron supplements and to visit a specialist to check the thyroid levels. On that same appointment, I decided to mention we were moving down to Salisbury in the following weeks. Well, they took away the folder with the records because is property of the Newham hospital but I did manage to get copies of the blood results and all different reports from scans or previous appointments, yei me!

We arrived to Salisbury and first thing I did was call the hospital to get on the system. I was pleasantly surprised on how quickly they responded. I had a call the next day and an appointment a week after. They made blood tests again and were very through out when getting all my information in the system! Very happy so far with the experience! Let’s see how it goes now…

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