Our Non-Wedding Day is here!

James and I got engaged last summer during our sailing holiday to Croatia and we knew from the start we wanted to get married in May because the weather is always so nice and everyone has always time to go for weddings this month, especially during the bank holiday weekend! Well we were not counting with the lockdown to ruin our plans!

We had almost everything planned, down payments made and affairs booked when the new normal started in March. James kept saying “we should call it off” but optimistic me kept thinking things will go back to normal in no time! And then we got the email from the register office, all weddings were canceled and I was devastated. Emails were sent to our guests and to all the different caterers and services we booked. We’ll see when we can put the plans in motion again.

A couple of weeks before our wedding date I said to James “you know what, we should still dress up and have a cake and celebrate, even if it is only us and your parents!” So he called Rachel, our cake caterer, and she happily did an amazing red velvet, gluten free, dairy free cake. If you live around Salisbury area this is her webpage: https://rachelscakehouse.co.uk.

We dressed up, took pictures, played cornhole, drank champagne, had a barbecue and cut the cake! It was an amazing day, not the want I was dreaming of but the one I needed after this lockdown.

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