Our Wedding Day is here!

Ceremony was 8 minutes! 8 minutes! Right to the point! We exchange our vows (James did a part in spanish and all) and it was so magical! Isabela was an angel, slept through the whole thing and even stayed asleep while we were taking pictures near the Cathedral.

After that we went home and celebrated with our 25 guests. We had the most delicious food made by my new sisters-in-law and their respective partners and the speeches were as beautiful, full of tears and laughs as I dream of!

My family couldn’t be here and that was so depressing, but we will meet again soon and we will celebrate all the good things 2020 brought me, even in lockdown!

We also had a corn hole tournament and guess who won?! 😉

If it is any of you interest, here is our beautiful ceremony: https://youtu.be/FGItFLpiOK8 and the speeches:

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