Gift Idea: Personalised Coasters

When I was in school, the taught us how to do paint over glass, very easy once you have done it once or twice and if you did a mistake you can clean it right away and start over again.

I wanted to give something to my mother in law for her coming birthday and as a token of appreciation for all she has done for us over the last 6 months and I remembered how much she loved it that each person had their own cutlery and glasses with their initials during the way so I used this to my advantage and I decided to do personalise glass coasters with the initials of each one of the members of the family.

Materials: I bough on Amazon glass coasters, black liner glass paint, glass paint in different colours and some brushes.

Template: In this case I looked online for a great font with flower details as I know she loves flowers. I use for this and I got the set with all letters.

Once you have your template it’s important to remember to print the images mirrored in this case since you want to do the paint on the “back” of the coasters so the paint is not ruined with the constant use.

Secure the template with some tape to the glass, turn it over and start with the doing the lines with the black liner. It only take a couple of minutes for the paint to be dry enough to start doing the colours. Add a layer of colour, making sure that you use a lot of paint per time since this is not a watery type of paint and each stroke would only create like patches of paint instead of filling. Wait at least 10 minutes between layers.

Once you are done wait at least a day for the paint to stick to the glass before use and you are done!

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