Blinkist: “Getting to 50/50” or how to sort of have it all

Getting to 50/50 (2009)” exposes the myths surrounding traditional male and female parental roles and provides actionable techniques that allow both mothers and fathers to be independent earners, enjoy quality time with their children and share responsibilities in the household. It has good intentions, but please take it with a pinch salt, it was written 13 years ago after all. (Full disclosure: I recorded my ideas and tweaked the end result to create this post, audio is at the end of the post!)

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I am back to work and, after almost 9 months of not using the jargon, it’s so hard to get my brain to think “techie” again and now in every meeting it just look like I am either having a seizure or my screen froze! I am blaming the lockdown here, otherwise I would have joined more in-person meetings at the office and have more informal visits with the team and my friends and I would have talked about something and someone else than just my family and my baby!

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